CLASS OFFICERS REVEALED The second week of October found students anticipating each class presentation of their officers in creative and colorful assemblies. The officers for the Class of 2005 are Neena Capolupo, President; Danae Dolinsky, Vice-President; Breanne Nomelli, Secretary; Amber Lowe, Treasurer; Jake Somoso, Pastor; Brandon Aspe, Sgt.-at-Arms. Sponsors are Mary Hardin and Dave Pennock.

The Class of 2004 have chosen Debbie Silvestri, President; Josue Gomez, Vice-President; Kari Lowe, Secretary; Scott Ross, Treasurer; Tyler Cantrell, Pastor; Josiah Blomquist, Sgt-at-Arms. Neil Richmund and Ron Johnson are the sponsors.

The officers elected for the Class of 2003 are Amy