The following is a complete listing of our newly formulated Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs). These are part of the WASC evaluation process. We ask you to read them and comment on them (if you wish). Please direct your comments to Hugh Winn, Vice Principal. You may phone him at (805) 498-2191, Ext. 246 or e-mail him at or the school e-mail.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

A spiritually empowered student will:
* Experience a personal relationship with God through prayer and Bible study
* Incorporate principles of the Bible into their daily living and
decision-making processes
* Form and practice Christian attitudes and values, accepting the
diversity of others
* Witness to others of God's saving grace
* Discover the enjoyment to be found within Christian fellowship

An intellectually empowered student will:
* Acquire a broad base of knowledge of the world
* Develop independent thoughts and skills to improve reasoning and analysis
* Demonstrate effective communication skills in speaking, group
discussion, and writing
* Cultivate study habits and learning skills to successfully complete an academically challenging program of study
* Acquire necessary learning and skills to succeed in higher education
* Acquire, comprehend, apply and process information to meet or exceed the Pacific Union Conference's standards in English, mathematics, science, social studies

A physically empowered student will:
* Practice behaviors that promote lifelong physical fitness and well-being
* Demonstrate the understanding of the key risk factors and decisions that affect health

A socially empowered student will:
* Demonstrate Christian conduct and ethics in an increasingly diversified and challenging world
* Work effectively as a group member in various roles
* Manage interpersonal relationships in a positive manner and experience the camaraderie of fellow students contributing to a feeling of school community
* Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures that fosters tolerance for individual differences
* Adapt to change in a positive manner

A responsible student-citizen will:
* Develop a work ethic that demonstrates an appreciation for the dignity of work/service
* Become aware of career options and opportunities as they relate to one's personal strengths and abilities in context with a commitment to God
* Acquire and develop work skills necessary for success in the workplace
* Contribute learned skills in order to enrich the quality of life in the community
* Respect people, property and natural resources
* Exemplify Christian courtesy in speech and conduct
* Accept responsibility for one's actions and decisions civically and personally
* Explore methods of service experiencing the significance of helping

A culturally empowered student will:
* Appreciate the value of quality books, music and the arts
* Appreciate and experience creative expression to broaden aesthetic awareness








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